KMM is your Partner for Innovation, Integration and Results

KMM – an ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, CMMI Level 2 certified company – provides high-quality IT consulting services and innovative solutions by using the most effective and modern technologies. We have a core group of Subject Matter Experts with certifications and immense experience in successfully delivering mission-critical solutions. We have extensive industry experience in Education, Financial, Health IT, Government, and Media domains. We have a proven track record of understanding customers’ business challenges, determining a customer-focused solution, and providing the technical implementation and documentation to bring it to fruition.

Our Services and Solutions

IT Modernization
KMM defines Digital Transformation as future-proofing a business to gain a competitive advantage. Enterprise organizations seek to leverage the myriad advantages delivered by a successful digital transformation, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses computer software or “robots” to perform…[read more]

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data/Analytics/AIML
KMM’s Big Data/Analytics/AIML  practice provides leading-edge solutions by combining analytical expertise with deep industry knowledge and focusing on solutions to meet practical business issues. As a trusted Partner to SAS Institute, KMM specializes in implementing robust and scalable solutions[read more]

Digital Platform Development

IT Service Management
The business is changing every day and it demands more innovation, increased agility and adaption to the changing market conditions. When business is changing, so should the systems that are supporting the business. The new systems should be faster, operate under strict IT budgets and provide value…[read more]

Information Security

Information/Cyber Security
Everyone agrees Information is one of the biggest and most important assets. Information has to be protected to maintain trust with customers and maintain compliance with the governing organization. To defeat the attacker, an organization must be prepared and should implement the right set of strategies  for managing processes[read more]

Customer Relations Management

Customer Relationship Management
KMM Technologies, Inc. has implemented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Solutions for a major Wall Street Bank. The implementation encompasses the standard deployment of the product to highly integrated custom development featuring enterprise integration, rich custom enhancements, personalized dashboards and reliable business process…[read more]

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management
PLM is a process of managing the whole data of any product and its lifecycle from conceptualization to obsolete which includes engineering design, manufacturing process, service information, and delivery of manufactured products. Aerospace, medical device, military and nuclear industries, where the safety and control tracking are very important, started…[read more]

Legacy/Mainframe Applications
Mainframes are back in the spotlight, with more companies than ever looking to upgrade their mainframe technology. KMM can help bring legacy mainframes into the current code without the need to shut down mission-critical business operations. Today, companies are applying a hybrid approach across mainframe and cloud, requiring deep expertise in both. The two are here to stay – and KMM is here to help clients leverage a hybrid approach and add value.[read more]

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