Business-focus. Performance-driven. Agile Methodology. Project Management.

The demand for IT organizations to contribute more to business performance is critical for IT service operations, and the need for IT to run more like a business equally underscores the cultural changes required for IT to demonstrate greater value. KMM teams with client companies to bridge the business/technology gap by refining business processes and fostering business-based service management.

KMM’s Agile Execution Approach brings the requisite assets, experience, and resources very specific to the client’s environment to design and deliver robust solutions.

The key business benefits realized during project execution are:

  • Reduced execution risk
  • Increased collaboration with business
  • Better Adaptability and responsiveness to business-changing requirements
  • Better focus on priority items to be delivered
  • Improved Quality
  • Quick ROI
  • Continuous improvement

KMM generally follows a three-week scrum execution approach, as depicted in the picture below, but has the flexibility to adapt to the AGILE methodology used by the clients (if needed).  Also, KMM team has the technical and process expertise to work in collaboration with other Agile teams of customers (If exists) to deliver a larger program.


Whether you are trying to do more with less, engaged in an M&A integration, or struggling to meet compliance requirements, KMM’s solutions deliver a breadth of services to immediately impact a company’s business.

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