Legacy/Mainframe Applications

Mainframes are back in the spotlight, with more companies than ever looking to upgrade their mainframe technology.

  • Ninety-Two of the top one hundred Banks
  • Ten of the world’s largest Insurers
  • Twenty-Three of the world’s largest Airlines
  • Several Federal/State Government Agencies

Modernization of Mainframe technology doesn’t mean giving up on the cloud. Why the demand for a technology many mistakenly consider obsolete to the cloud?

Cloud’s initial claim to fame was how quickly it got applications up and running – faster than a mainframe. However, mainframe technology has continued to evolve, closing the gap with DevOps and Application Modernization. KMM can help bring legacy mainframes into the current code without the need to shut down mission-critical business operations.

Today, companies are applying a hybrid approach across mainframe and cloud, requiring deep expertise in both. The two are here to stay – and KMM is here to help clients leverage a hybrid approach and add value.

KMM has world-class mainframe technologies technical expertise and we are helping clients benchmark their mainframe spend, simply architecture, improve performance, and reduce total cost of ownership – all the while increasing security and business reliability of business-critical applications. Today more clients are requesting to support their existing mainframe applications and simplify their mainframe architecture and integrate solutions into the cloud.

This signifies an increased demand for mainframe expertise and the increased number of mainframe experts retiring adds to the resource availability constraints. But KMM can help mitigate the mainframe skillet gap through its vast pool of mainframe and domain experts. KMM is also invested heavily in mainframe technologies to help bridge the gap for mainframe skills.

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